About NAGI
私たちの工房がある愛知県の山間部は、良質な陶土、紙原料、植物染料等、 物作りに必要な資材を豊富に採取することができ、古来より多くの美術品が生み出されてきました。


私たちが行う表現は、日本の文化に根ざした表現手法とも言えるものです。 日本人は古来より、形而上学的な思想を持ってきました。


Artist unit-NAGI

In the mountainous area of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where our workshop is located, we can find the good raw materials necessary to manufacture objects such as quality potter’s clay, paper raw materials and natural dyes from plants.
From ancient times, it is a place where many art objects have been produced.
In this location, with great care for the feelings arising from our contact with cultures accumulated by our ancestors, and from our immersion in the middle of a large scale natural environment, we craft objects by direct hand contact with earth, stone and plants.

Living in such a way makes us aware of the influence of invisible forces on the visible world.
We value the materialization in shapes which can be perceived by the eye.
This is a mode of expression which embodies a world transcending the phenomenal world, not through an abstraction but through well defined shapes and contours, just like giving a real shape to mental images born from our imagination.

It can also be said that this way in which we express ourselves is an expressive technique having its roots in Japanese culture.
From ancient times, the Japanese have had metaphysical thoughts.

In modern times, through mathematics and physics, evidence is being gathered of a space-time continuum surpassing the dimensions known up to now.
Our aim is, by means of our work, to open new future possibilities in the mind of the spectator.

In Toyota City, we find the largest forest in the Prefecture and automotive manufacturing plants using advanced technology. In addition, our workshop surrounded by majestic nature,on one hectare ground, we have arranged a main workshop, a pottery workshop, a paper manufacturing workshop and a plantation. Today, still following the way of Japan mountain village life inherited from ancient times, respecting the technique and wisdom developed by our ancestors, introducing without hesitation new technology as a means of expression, we are striving to produce new works of art of our times.
Artist unit-NAGI

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